Geostationary RAdiation SPectrometer, is an instrument to study the energetic particle environment in GEO orbit.

GRASP payload image
The particle environment in space is highly dynamic, filled with energetic particles from solar events, trapped radiation belts and high energy cosmic rays originating from galactic and extra- galactic sources. Charged particles cause a variety of undesirable effects in spacecraft, electronic components and biological systems. They are known to induce gradual material degradation and malfunction of critical electronic components in satellites. Therefore, a Radiation Spectrometer, onboard GSAT 19, monitors the nature of the particle and its characteristics.

The radiation spectrometer is a two detector system capable of measuring the flux and energy spectrum of particles (electrons, protons and alphas) in the Geo orbit. The special feature of this instrument is its ability to distinguish between the particles that are incident on it. It is also capable of measuring the time of occurrence, temporal evolution of the particles and also the total dose absorbed by the detector.

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